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What's this all about?
A bit of background about me and what this site is about. I studied Sculpture at Bath Academy of Art (BaHons) and later did a masters degree (MPhil) at Manchester Metropolitan University. I am now based in Kent.

I initially worked with salvaged materials because they were generally cheaper to get hold of. However my reasoning has gradually become more sophisticated.
Salvaged objects and materials have a history which gives them an inherent character right from the start. It always seems a pity to throw away something interesting or beautiful, just because it has broken or outlived it's original function.
With a bit of imagination, much of what is headed for the landfill site can be turned into something new and desirable. It also means you are likely to end up with something unique and something of a talking point.
As well as aesthetic reasons, there are the obvious environmental benefits of reusing things. Not only does it mean less stuff ends up in a big hole in the ground. It means one less thing made in a factory, under sweatshop conditions, being shipped around the world.
Reusing the things we find around us is a great way to reduce our carbon footprint.